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  •  "Wake Up with Makeup" & enjoy worry-free Beauty, without the re-application of cosmetics throughout your day! Swim, play tennis, work-out, enjoy life!
  • ​$AVE MONEY & TIME!  On average, women spend thousands of dollars annually and waste countless hours purchasing & applying conventional makeup, which does not stay on the face or correct problem areas!  Investing in Permanent Makeup is a Money-Saver and a Time-Saver, more importantly, PEACE of MIND!  No more missing or smudged Eyebrows, no more smeared Eyeliner, no more continual application of Lip Stick only to eat, drink or kiss it off!
  •  PermaSpa Beauty Clinic has the BEST, highly skilled Micro-Pigmentation Practitioners in the state! Master level training in Digital Machines & Hand-Tools,  for Permanent Makeup, Correction for Unbecoming, Faded or Discolored Permanent Makeup and Removal for Botched work.
  • ​Specializing in Brow Strokes, Micro-Blading, Embroidery, Feather-Strokes, Powder-Fill, Solid Brow, Upper & Lower Eyeliner, Lash Enhancement, Smudgy-Eye-Shadowing (Upper & Lower), Full Lips, Gradient Lips, Lip Liner, Beauty Mark, Skin Tone Enhancement & more... 
  • Uniquely Qualified Practitioners:  there are a limited number of Master Practitioners in the entire Nation & PermaSpa Beauty Clinic has two. When hiring a PMU artist or practitioner, visit the space, ask questions, expect perfection, because it is YOUR FACE & you should not expect any less! 
  • PermaSpa Master Practitioners Specialize in the areas of Removal of Permanent Makeup & Conventional Tattoos, Camouflage & Restoration Services, Corrective Procedures, Asymmetry & Scar Therapy.  Advanced Services for Hypo-Pigmentation, Hyper-Pigmentation, Age & Sun Spots, Fine Lines & Wrinkles to include Deep Smoker's Wrinkles, Minor to Severe Burns, Accident & Surgical Scars, Skin Discolorations, Uneven Skin Tone, Cleft Lip, Melasma, Stretch Marks, Vitiligo, Alopecia, Trichotillomania, Stippling for Balding & Bald Spots & more...  
  • We use the best Technology, Highest Quality Cosmetic Pigments for stability & Natural Hue, Pain-Free Products for your Comfort, and maintain Clean, Safe & Sterile Practices for your Health.

  • Got LASHES? Schedule an appointment for our GlamLux Mink Lash Extensions. We offer Natural-Lash and Glam-Lush Lashes for a more Dramatic Lash Look!  
  •  Schedule an appointment with our Esthetician for Peels, Facials, Acne Treatments, Micro-Planing, Face & Body Waxing, Brow Bar Services, Makeup Artistry for Weddings, Proms, Photo Shoots & Special Events! 
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